For the past 14 years I have worked as a residential designer. Since 2006 I have been an independent designer. This gives me the freedom to work with all clients with varying budgets. The range of services I offer are: consultation, design, product purchasing, and project management.

One of my passions is helping people redefine their living spaces which meets their present and future needs using sustainable design/build practices which include non toxic/eco-friendly materials. Many clients have plenty of space but it’s how they use it is the problem. I offer solutions and show them how to live comfortably in their existing space without have to add-on.

For many years I’ve been interested in the tiny house movement. I designed and helped build a Tiny Home on Wheels (THOW). I lived in it for a year to fully understand what it really means to live Tiny. I look forward to working with Green Tradespeople who want to restore homes using non toxic/reclaimed materials. Healthier homes make healthier, happier people.

Maria JK Hars, Designer

Serving: New Hampshire & Massachusetts

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